The Breeder's Book Club

Learning how not to be a parent, one book at a time

Being a parent can be scary, difficult, and confusing. Luckily, there are thousands and thousands of awful books written by stupid people that will tell you exactly what you're doing wrong. But who has time to read them all?

We do. Every two weeks, our elite team of comedy moms and dads reads a different parenting book. Then, heroically, we mine nuggets of wisdom from the steaming piles of guidance. In podcast form.

We get judged so you don't have to. We are

The Breeder's Book Club

Meet the cast

The Breeder's Book Club is a group of four friends who live in the Denver metro area. We say inflammatory and controversial things about sensitive topics in public, and we all have jobs that don't like that kind of thing, so we're pretty circumspect about our identities. But here are the basics:

  • John - A software engineer (and dad)
  • Rich - A fabulously successful records-department manager (and dad)
  • Lauren - A drama teacher (and mom)
  • Johanna - An undisclosed "professional" who isn't allowed to talk about her job (non-hooker) (and mom)

John and Rich met doing Denver musical theater, and founded a number of not-very-well-known comedic enterprises, including the Clown Car Drive By sketch comedy group.

Rich continue to perform in musicals throughout the Denver area.

John occasionally contributes to his various comedy blogs and the occasional YouTube video.

John met Johanna and her future husband at a work party. Now they're such good friends, Johanna feels obligated to do this podcast.

Lauren is Johanna's lifelong friend. John first met her at Johanna's wedding. That bitch funny.